A Hifz Journey

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

An Brief Instruction Plan in Memorising the Qur’an

All Praise is for Allah who sent upon the hearts of his servants the Qur’an, and made His Book easy to read and memorise by the old and the young, the Arab and the non-Arab. Peace and Blessings be upon His Messenger and the Chosen One to whom the the Qur’an was entrusted to be delivered to mankind.

The Qur’an is the Straight Path of guidance that is connected to Allah Almighty‎. The question that arises is: What then, have we received from His Guidance? And what have we triggered from the illuminating pages that are between our hands in adjusting our course of life and progress? How do we seek its healing for the self and seek its food for the soul; how do we seek rectification of the state of one’s household, society and its people at large? The answer lies in having a close and deep-rooted connection with the Book of Allah. The first step towards developing this strong bond is to learn to recite it, to memorise it and understand its meanings and subtleties, so that it may be internalised and exemplified with every breath we take.

Before you is a short translation of a booklet entitled:

الخُطة الدقيقة لحفظ صفحة من كتاب الله بإتقان في 30 دقيقة رابط المادة

“A Plan in Perfecting Memorisation of a Page of the Book of Allah in 30 Minutes.”

In which the author, may Allah preserve him, highlights some important points in beginning one’s journey towards memorising the Qur’an; noting steps that will enable the lover of the Qur’an to become firm in memorisation of it. And although there are many available methods by which one can gather the noble verses in one’s chest, this booklet is however, a noteworthy addition for those who have the will and determination to overcome personal obstacles in becoming part of an elite groups of people beloved to Allah – the People of the Qur’an. We beseech Allah with sincerity and a strong resolve that He makes us from them. Ameen.

[Click on link below to download PDF]

A Qur’an Instruction Plan


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