Charity that Melts Hearts 🌼

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


At-Tirmidhi recorded in his Sunan (#3641) on the authority of ‘Abd Allah ibn Al-Harith, who narrated:

{ ما رأيت أحدا أكثر تبسما من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم }

“I have not seen anyone more (in the habit of) smiling than the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. “

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ saw the smile as a gift of joy – an emotional gift, not a material one – a gift whose effect is seen on the heart, as is frequently evidenced:

إنِّ البسمةَ الصادقة والكلمةَ الطيبة، ربما انتزعت من بعض القلوب أشواكًا من اليأس والشر، وأنبتتْ في بعض القلوب أزهارًا من الأمل والخير !وأنت لا تدري، ولا تتكلف بذلك أي جهد

“Indeed an honest smile and a good word, may tear out from some hearts thorns of despair and evil; and bring forth in some hearts flowers of hope and goodness. You do not know and it isn’t burdensome nor does it cost you any effort!”

It is therefore part of a Muslim’s personality that they habituate smiling. The facial muscles must be accustomed to smiling so that any hesitancy we feel when meeting someone, which often comes with interpersonal dealings will not prevent us from delivering a broad, heartfelt smile. Imam ibn Battal said:

لقاء الناس بالتبسم وطلاقة الوجه من أخلاق النبوة، وهو مناف للتكبر وجالب للمودة

“To meet people with a smile and a cheerful countenance are from the Prophetic etiquette, it’s contrary to arrogance and creates feelings of affection.”

And that’s why it is said: ‏ التبسم والبشاشة عند اللقاء من دواعي المحبة (“The smile and being jovial during encounters are from the causes that initiate love”). Ibn al-Qayyim noted in his, ‘Zad Al-Ma’ad’ that, “…all of his laughter ﷺ was to merely smile, in a way showing his front teeth. He smiled at whatever caused laughter or surprise…”

May Allah ﷺ make it a regular feature upon our persona, to smile every day. Ameen.



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