Jaw Breaker

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Break the Jaw of Shaytan: Give in Charity


It is reported that Buraydah al-Aslami رضي الله عنه narrated that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said :

ما يخرج أحد شيئا من الصدقة حتى يفك لحى سبعين شيطانا

No person goes out to give sadaqah, except that he breaks (and escapes from) the jaw of seventy shaytan.❞ [1]


Commenting on this Hadeeth, Al-Manawi said, “… Because giving sadaqah is intended to gain the pleasure of Allah, the shayateen prevent people from achieving this lofty status. And their failure to repel (the thought of giving sadaqah) from human psychology and dampen their spirit in the way of Allah is the strongest evidence of their integrity and sincerity of intention, thus providing a malefic blow to (the army of) shaytan (not restricting it to the apparent number of seventy)…”  [2]

Regarding sadaqatu fi-sabeelillah particularly, ibn Nuhhas said some beautiful words of reflection:

‏الإنفاق في سبيل الله من أعظم القربات وأجل الصدقات، ولا يجتهد الشيطان في منع شيء من الإنفاق كاجتهاده في منع النفقة في سبيل الله

“Spending in the Path of Allah is from greater act of gaining nearness (to Allah) and loftier (form of) charity. The shaytan doesn’t strive more to prevent anything than striving in preventing (mankind) to spend in the Path of Allah.” [3]



[1] Saheeh ibn Khuzaymah, 4/105 (#2457); Al-Hakim, 1/417; Al-Tabarani, ‘Al-Awsat’, (#1038), Al-Bayhaqi & others. Authenticated by Al-Haythami, Al-Haytami al-Makki, Al-Busayri & others. Al-Albani said it was saheeh in one of his grading (see ”Silsilat al-Saheehah’, 3/264 & ‘Saheeh al-Jaami’, 5814)

[2] See, ‘Fayd al-Qadeer’ 5/403

[3] Ibn Nuhaas, ‘Mashaari’ al-Aswaaq’


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