Be Mindful of Allah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Consequences of Sin


“He who enjoys intellect and wittiness ought to be careful of the outcome of sins because the relationship between mankind and Allah, Most High, is not a blood relation or one of kinship. Rather it is a relationship based on divine Justice and Fairness.  If His Forbearance encompasses the sins, it should be known that if He wills He forgives all sins no matter how large they are; and if He wills He will punish for the sins regardless of how small they are. Therefore one ought to show so much more caution and care.

I witnessed some affluent people indulging in injustice and sins of all kinds, subtle and apparent; thus they were punished from whence they have not taken into account, causing their roots to be removed and the basis they founded for their offspring to be demolished. All this was because they overlooked the rights of Allah upon them and assumed the good deeds they have performed shall avail them and avert the effect of their sins, therefore the ship of their assumptions were tilting causing the water of Allah’s plan to enter into the ship and flood them.

I also saw some people who considered themselves from the people of knowledge who were heedless in their privacy forgetting that Allah sees them. This negligence wiped off their virtues and reputation when being in public, hence they were out there but non-existent; rejoice is absent when seeing them and hearts no longer long to meet them.

Mind the observance of Allah, Most High, because His justice does not miss an atom and His punishment will take place, no matter how much time it takes. It might happen that a person may think he is forgiven while the punishment is just postponed and indeed sins have severe consequences.

Beware and be mindful of Allah in your privacy! Beware and be mindful of Allah while being in public! Beware and be mindful of Allah in your intentions! Because Allah Sees you at all times. And beware of misunderstanding His Generosity and Forbearance because many have been lured, so mind your sins and erase them by all means.

And there is nothing better than invoking Allah in humility while dieting from sins so He may forgive…”


[Taken from ‘Saydil Khatir’ (chapter 84) of Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi]


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