“…so beware of them”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين وصلى الله وسلم على رسول الله وعلى آله وأصحابه ومن اهتدى بهديه إلى يوم الدين أما بعد


Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنهم narrated that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

سيكون في آخر أمتي أناس يحدثونكم بما لم تسمعوا أنتم ولا آباؤكم ، فإياكم وإياهم

“In the last part of my Ummah, there will come a people who will tell of you things that neither you, nor your fathers heard (of before), so beware of them.”

[Cited by Imam Muslim in his ‘Saheeh’; also recorded by Imam Ahmad in his ‘Musnad’, 16/245; al-Hakim in his ‘Mustadrak’, 1/103; Imam al-Bukhari in his ‘Tareekh’ with very slight variation (see also Ibn Hibban, 6766)]


This hadeeth is profound and vast in meaning. It provides a general guideline by which deviant trends and and wretched speech is recognised.

1. Al Manawi commented on this hadeeth in his ‘Fayd al-Qadeer’ thus:

“In the last part of my Ummah, there will come a people” – They (will) claim they are scientists.

“who will tell of you things that neither you, nor your fathers heard of” – (From) lying speech and innovated rulings that (lead to) false beliefs.

“So beware of them” – Distance yourselves from them (and them from you).


2. In the centuries following the period of early Muslims, came various beliefs and systems and ideas, both within Muslim realms and outside of them. Theological rhetoric established its own poison, creating intellectual discord and initiating deviant trends within the Deen (religion). From the scientific sphere came theories based on ‘methodology of scientific inquiry’. 16th-20th (10th-14th cent AH) century was a period of scientific ‘revolution and upheaval’ where many prominent (faith-contradictory) theories were established (e.g evolution of man).

3. At-Teebi stated that these people would be renowned in their field of studies and this would induce Muslims to listen to them… At-Teebi said in explanation of the above hadeeth [as found in ‘Fayd al-Qadeer’, 4780]:

ويجوز حمله على المشهورين المحدثين فيكون المراد بها الموضوعات وأن يراد به ما هو بين الناس أي يحدثوهم بما لم يسمعوا عن السلف من علم الكلام ونحوه فإنهم لم يتكلموا فيه وعلى الأول ففيه إشارة إلى أن الحديث ينبغي أن لا يتلقى إلا عن ثقة عرف بالحفظ والضبط وشهر بالصدق والأمانة عن مثله حتى ينتهي الخبر إلى الصحابي، وهذا علم من أعلام نبوّته ومعجزة من معجزاته فقد يقع في كل عصر من الكذابين كثير ووقع ذلك لكثير من جهلة المتدينة المتصوفة

4. From amongst these ‘people’ who will come in the last part of the Ummah will be scientists, philosophers and theologians etc. promoting variant agendas and propagating false speech – created for the establishment of new and corrupted beliefs (e.g. Darwinism). We are warned to distance ourselves from them and their wicked speech whenever it comes.


May Allaah سبحانه و تعالى safeguard us from all man-made fitan challenging established Islamic creed.


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